Online Coaching

Build Self Esteem, Confidence and be Happier!

Online Coaching

If you are looking for accountability from a coach, a personalized workout plan and meal plan made specifically to the foods you like then why not invest in online coaching?

If you stay outside of Glasgow or in another country and cant physically get to me this is a great cheaper alternative to still receive my service and support.

What you will receive:

  • You will go through a static and dynamic assessment so I can see how your body moves and be able to make a tailored workout plan specific to your body and anything you would like to work on. This will be done through video.
  • You will receive a meal plan based on your goal and the foods that you love and enjoy. Not only this but it will be specific to the time you have to prepare food.
  • You will check in twice a week – Monday and a Friday so we can keep in contact and touch base to see how your week/weekend has been
  • You will have access to my support, guidance and accountability for any questions you may have or to help support you through hard times.

I help woman to become stronger both mentally and physically so they can build self esteem, confidence and be happier within themselves

Megan McLean Fitness (Glasgow) - Build Self Esteem, Confidence and be Happier!

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