6 Meal prep tips for success

Meal prep is something that seems to be is very neglected for those who have a bad diet. Using oven food, microwave meals and takeaways is convenient yes but not optimal for your health. The typical oven food you would think of is one colour which is BEIGHE!! Food this colour typically lacks many vitamins and minerals your body needs. Microwave meals usully have many added sugars, preservatives and E numbers which again you have no idea the damage these thin actually do to your internal health. Don’t get me started on takeaways!!!!

So you’re here to hear my tips for meal prep so I am assuming you want to eat a little healthier and set yourself up for success? You are in the right place! Meal prep is key and essential in any health and fitness related journey. When you are tired at the end of a day the last thing you want to start dong is cooking am I right? Meal prep takes all that effort way for you. A few hours a week preparing food leave you the rest of the week free to do other things.

#1 – Plan your meals for the week and write a shopping list

It is so much easier and quicker to cook if you are not left wondering every night what to make. Spending 20-30 mins thinking about what time you have each night or what your plans are makes it so much easier. If your working late a quick already prepped meal is handy. More time free? You may be able to cook a few thing fresh. Plus how annoying is it when you fancy something to eat an go to make it and realise you are missing ingredients? Its not o say you have to have all the things you have planned on those days but at least you will have everything here that you can have all of them when you like.

#2 – Get yourself a slow cooker

The secret of every good meal prep king/queen. The slow cooker will become your best friend. You can literally just dump all your ingredients in and leave it cook away. It is so easy to use. You can put your dinner on in the morning and come home at night and its ready. Work night shift? Go to work come home and its ready. You can even put it on at night and go to ed an dinner/lunch for the next day is there. Soups, curry’s, stews even cakes the list is endless for possibilities for your slow cooker.

#3 – Use all cooking forms at once

Want to be a meal prep master?? Do all your meal prep at once ad get it out the way. Put something in the oven, grill , a pot and fry all at the same time. An example being you could marinade chicken and then put it in the oven, at the same time have a pot of chilli on. Get your frying pan out and cook pork medallions. If you are very good at multi tasking have your slow cooker on in the background and your grill for some nice fish. You would have meals prepped for the whole week in 2-3 hours MEAL PREP MASTER!!!

#4 – Get yourself a pasta Baking dish

These are so handy and make at least 6 portions of food. Pasta bake dishes have became a staple in our household because they are tasty, easy to prep, quick to cook and freeze well. Head over to my recipe section to try some out!

#5 – Meal prep you vegetables

You know what it feels like the last thing you want to do when you are tired at the end of the day is then stand and cook veg to go along with your dinner. I think this is the reason a lot of people don’t bother is the extra effort that it takes. But veg is so incredibly important to your health and well being it is worth making that extra effort! I spend time meal prepping only veg and keep it in the fridge so I just have to take a handful and add it to whatever meal I am having.

#6 – Pre portion your meals

Ok so your meal prep is done now what? Don’t just freeze a full lasagna or tick everything in a bag together. Portion out your meal into bags or tubs of 1-2 portions. That way you can just take something out the feeder the night before for your meal or for you and your partner. Also this means you can chop and change if you fancy eating something else and not have to a the same thing for days in a row.

So you see meal prep does not have to be hard. You simply have to make time and have a plan. If you need any help with this drop me a message or have a look at my recipe section


Megan ‘the motivator’ McLean

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