5 reasons why you’re not losing any fat?

Does this sound familiar? You have tried every diet under the sun, slimming world, weight watchers, juice plus, the apple diet but absolutely nothing seems to work. It may work short term but after a while you end up putting all the fat back on and then some more.

You end up thinking ‘maybe I am just supposed to be fat’ or ‘is there something wrong with me why cant I do it’. It is a very vicious cycle to get yourself into and I have seen it many times.

Woman start off invigorated ready to take on the world,. Right this is the right diet for me it has worked for so many others lets do this. To begin with there are results but then it start to plateau and in the end you give up. Feeling demotivated and whats the point you go back to eating how you did before and you are back to square one?

The reason all of these diets don’t work is that they PUT YOU ON A DIET. You need to understand that this is not a diet you are going on for a period of time, this is a lifestyle change. You need to learn how to eat healthier and sustain it. Not be fobbed off with sins and points or starved to death. What do these weight loss groups teach you? Absolutely nothing in terms of what is healthy and what to do when you are not following their plan. They cut out certain food groups and label food ‘sins’ this creates a terrible relationship with food. You should never view any food as bad or good. Understand this… there is no good or bad food. There is only food that has more nutritional value and food that has less. Now lets go a little deeper.

Reason number 1 – You are eating to many or to little calories

When someone embarks on a diet they think they have to be super strict and restrict themselves ridiculously. Salads for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Ryvita cardboard for snacks, living on cucumber. NO. Seriously restricting yourself of food is unsustainable and leads to mega binge eating when you finally CRACK. Believe me you will eventually. On the other hand you are maybe also consuming to many calories. Taking in things such as costa coffees, using lots of oil, sauces, butter not understanding how much calories is actually in food. My advice would be to use an app like myfitnesspal for a couple of months so you can understand how much is actually in food and then try to come away from it and eat intuitively.

Reason number 2 – You are ruining your progress at the weekend

If you are making good decisions through the week in regards to your nutrition and then it gets to Friday and you are like wayheeey Friday feeling lets get drunk then it is probably setting you back quite a bit in progress. If you drink alcohol especially beer/cider and liqueurs which are so high you will be taking in 1000s more calories than you realise. Not to mention the stop off at the takeaway on the way home and then the next day when you are hungover and eat junk food all day and even another takeaway.

If you want to still make progress try to stick to spirts which are lower in calories and have 1 day not 3 at the weekend that you drink alcohol. If you do over indulge why not make your own fakeaway the day before so you have it ready for when you are hungover and can’t move I guarantee it will be just as good!

Reason number 3 – No one is holding you accountable or giving you support

Having someone there for support is very important when you embark on a fitness journey. Someone you can tell your goals to. Someone that if you say you are going to do something then that person is expecting you to actually go through with it. When times get tough and you feel like you might break that person is there to talk to or give you some advice. Someone to sit you down and be honest with you, if you are slacking, they will tell you and you can review with them where you can improve. Lastly someone to learn from. Getting a coach is something that you invest in for your life. The skills and knowledge that you gain is something you will keep for the rest of your life.

Reason number 4 – You’re not getting enough sleep

Sleep is the most important factor in health..period! A lot of people would not realise this though. But think about it, How do you feel when you have had a bad night’s sleep? You are grumpy, hungrier, feel less full, tired, more likely to reach for the biscuit tin, you snap at people more, no energy to exercise. Do you think this sounds like a happy healthy person who is killing it?? Nope!

Sleep effects everything. You need a good night’s sleep so you have the energy to deal with the stresses of the day, especially if you have a busy job or young children. It can make the difference between a good day and a bad day. If you have a bad night sleep you won’t have energy to exercise, to meal prep, to play with your children, to get out a walk. All you will want to do is sit on the coach and vegetate. So, you see sleep is key to adherence to a healthy lifestyle/
Not only this but when you sleep this is when your body recovers from exercise and your mind from the day.

Reason 5 – You don’t believe in yourself

If you are starting on your journey after many failed attempts you may secretly not actually believe you can do it. When you don’t believe you can do something you don’t really give it your all because what if you give it your all and you still fail does this mean you will never actually do it and prove that you can’t? So, it’s easier to give a half attempt and you can say well I didn’t really give it everything I will next time. But think about it. If you gave it 1000% you would succeed. It is only because you are not that it isn’t working

These are only a handful of reason why your ‘diet’ may not have worked in the past. If you have tried and failed many diets and are sick of going it alone drop me an email and I will see if I can help. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can learn to change and change for good. You just have to believe that you can.

If you need help with area drop me a message on megan.mclean@hotmail.co.uk

Megan x

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